Soft, fresh, cotton socks.

Crisp linen on your bed.

A fluffy towel.

Life's little luxuries, what's yours?

Socks are one of Life's Little Luxuries.

Our socks are made from soft brushed cotton, designed by our own team & are only sold by us.

Designed to be classic  - with a little bit of quirk and wink to exclusivity.

Our car range is inspired by supercars - for fans & owners.

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Matty German

Matty German,

Socks? Socks! How do you change careers from a successful media house specialising in luxury cars to socks? "It is a common question," explains owner & designer Matty German. "Oddly, they are not that far apart, the same principals apply to all luxury products, just the price differs".

Inspired by the high end cars Matty used to deal with, the socks are designed to compliment the wearer's passion for fine automobiles.

Socks are one of life's little luxuries. The feeling of slipping into a new pair of soft cotton socks is amazing. 

The four fundamentals Matty applies to his designs are quality, beauty, class and quirk. "They are all equal and can't exist without each other. I won't put my name to anything that isn't good quality. It has to look good. I'm not into gimicky novelty socks, they are designed to be classic with a twist. Socks that can be worn under a dark suit or a pair of jeans with a classy appearance yet a nod to the wearer's passions. And that is where the quirk comes in. We might have to hide our socks but mine have a little bit of rebel added to tell the story."

"Whether it is one pair of our Special Edition socks or a yearly subscription, we care about our sock quality and comfort.

We design our own product range so you will not find these socks anywhere else.

Choose from One Colour or Special Edition socks.


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12 pairs of socks, one pair delivered each month.

Or treat yourself to one of Life's Little Luxuries each month. Stop wearing the boring or novelty socks your aunty gave you. Wear socks that tell a story.

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